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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Not everyone agrees with my belief that folks work best when they have autonomy over their work patterns and environment.  Some wonder if there is a limit to my tolerance in that regard.  Indeed, there is.

When we share a common vision of a better future and when we have clear goals that we're pursuing with that future in mind, it is similar to climbing a mountain to reach its peak.  There are many paths that can be taken, and many rates of progress that can be utilized while climbing those paths (dependent on contextual factors).  I believe people work best and are most productive when given significant latitude in their choice of paths and tempo that best moves them/us toward the goal(s).  

Our tolerance levels should hit their limit when team members take a path headed down the mountain instead of up (i.e., quit pursuing the team goals or start chasing erroneous ones) and/or are moving at a pace that is unacceptably slow (or come to a complete stop).  In either of those cases, intervention is required, usually in the form of redirection or separation.

A recipe that works:
Clarity of purpose + Focused effort + Constant progress = Achievement

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