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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Age 60 doesn't look so old to me these days.  Neither does 70 or 80 or 90, for that matter.  As I increasingly direct my attention to those who are reaching those milestones ahead of me, I am very aware of the differences in the way folks live the last decades of life.

The ones who remain curious and committed to learning new stuff are the ones I'll be mimicking.  They seem to have more zest, seem more in tune,  seem to maintain richer relationships, seem to be healthier, and seem to be happier.

To be certain, we're all in the process of dying; that march toward death begins with conception.  The outcome is inevitable from that point forward.  However, for those who live long enough to experience the "fall" and "winter" of life, how they approach living seems a critical factor in how those last years play out.

One conclusion seems pretty obvious to me:  When we stop learning, we accelerate the process of dying.  

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