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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Press (a verb) generally means to apply additional pressure.

Press (a verb and a noun), in athletic terms, is the act of intensifying a defensive configuration in attempt to change momentum or to disrupt the opponent.

Press (a verb), in terms of fabric, is to apply heat and pressure to cloth in order to iron out wrinkles.

Press (a verb), in gambling terms, is to up the ante in an all-or-none sort of way that creates tension in the opponent.

Press (a noun), in publishing terms, is the tool used to bring a composition to its intended audience, the process of completion.

In all respects, press implies an intensifying of effort in order to achieve success, fruition, or advantage.  Yet, also in all respects, press is not perpetually sustainable.  Because it requires a burst of energy/effort or a recalibration between events, it is most effective when used intermittently.

In order to be our best selves, we must know how to press, with strategic intensity.  We should remember, however, that attempts at perpetual press will result in burnout (and has countless times).  

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