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Thursday, January 14, 2016


We use filters all the time.  We filter the oil in our cars, we filter water, we filter air via our heating/cooling systems, we filter coffee.

Generally, filters serve a cleansing role for us, catching the "bad stuff" before the bad stuff causes ill health or mechanical failure or bad taste.

We also employ the use of psychological filters, by which we sort, sift, parse, and screen data/experience/people.  Like those physical filters mentioned above, our psychological filters most often serve to protect us from stuff/people/thinking/behaviors that are detrimental, or at least, not what we prefer to embrace.

WARNING!  We should "check" those psychological filters regularly to make sure they're not feeding some unrecognized prejudice, limiting our interactions to only those who look/think/believe like we do, precluding us from learning from someone new (even if their hair is purple or they wear boots or they go to a different church than we do), or inhibiting us from developing fully.  

Filters are good, mostly; but only as long as they don't keep us from being all we can be and knowing all we can know.

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