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Thursday, December 31, 2015


In his book titled A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (2011) Donald Miller makes the case that we edit our own lives, we write our own stories.  To be sure, things happen to us in life that are beyond our control.  Generally, however, we have the power to be who we want to be, proceed as we want to proceed, and react to prosperity/adversity as we wish.  We do, in fact, "edit" our lives.

We will continue writing the story of our lives tomorrow.  As such, we usually hang a sort of esteemed status on the new year's dawning, christening it with the specialness of a clean slate.  Indeed, yet we have that same opportunity with the dawn of each new day.

The authors of the best stories (both the literary kind and the life-story kind) do their writing with an eye in both directions.  They connect with the pages/chapters past fluidly as they craft the pages/chapters future.  Knowing they can't unwrite the pages already published, they are fully aware that they can take the next pages/chapters in any direction they wish.

Here's to writing the next pages/chapters as you wish them to be.  

Happy New Life!

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