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Thursday, December 3, 2015


My friend and wellness advisor, Dr. Roby Mitchell, is fond of saying, "Consequence is no coincidence."

RM's assertion is spot on.  Our habits guide our behavior, every day, in small ways and large.

From our daily hygiene routines to the way we read newspapers/newsfeeds to the order in which we eat our food to the processes we use to organize our schedules, all are driven by habits.  In most cases, there's not a right or wrong way to do such things.  For instance, there's not a correct way to shave our faces/legs, but each of us has a habitual process by which we accomplish the task.

Some habits, however, are far more consequential than the routine ones noted above.  When it comes to our health, our spiritual state, the nutrition we choose to consume, our intellectual growth, the "rules of engagement" we use when interacting with others both professionally and personally, our habits have far greater impact on our happiness, success, and wellbeing.  

Can we change our habits?  You bet!  First, we gotta want to.

To be certain, "Consequence is no coincidence."

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