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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Change is not discomforting to me.  I've come to accept change as the norm.

Change continually happens around us, in the form of technological advances, political winds, social arrangements, fashion trends, and the like.

Sometimes, however, I feel the need to change me.  That need usually springs from one of the following:
  • A desire to be/get better, somehow.
  • The realization that I've been wrong in some way, and need to rectify it.
  • The need to adapt to evolving external factors.
Two questions drive my decision to change me:
  1. Is there concrete and irrefutable evidence that I need to change?
  2. Will I be a better servant to others as a result of the change?
Emotion and social trends are not sufficient to trigger change effort in me.  The need must be something deeper and more substantive.  

Well-intentioned change makes us better (which is a good thing).

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