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Thursday, October 1, 2015


I recently read Command Authority by Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney (2013).  (Actually, Greaney is the author, under authority of the Clancy franchise, since Clancy's passing in 2013).   

Nevertheless, this book is another of the military-based novels based on the character Jack Ryan.  In this work, Ryan is now serving as president of the United States.  And this novel reads like the front page of the current news.  

A formidable new president of Russia, Valeri Volodin, is boldly aggressing neighboring countries to re-establish the broad influence of what was once the Soviet Union.  In particular, the Russian president seems determined to bring the Ukraine back into the the Russian fold, starting with its province of Crimea.  Sound like today’s news to you?  

As always, TC (via MG) weaves a wonderful tale chock full of political intrigue, espionage, military strategy, and historical benchmarking.  

Love, love, love reading Tom Clancy (er, Mark Greaney)…

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