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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We often get frustrated, even dismayed, at the slow pace of progress.  Perhaps we shouldn't.  

When we have set lofty goals for ourselves or our organizations, it's really a bit naive to think we can quickly move the needle in that direction.  

Sure, we can buy new ad space, we can launch new software, we can introduce a new product, we can build new buildings, we can adopt a new curriculum.  At the end of the day, however, the fly-or-crash status of that structural stuff is fully dependent on the people pulling the levers, selling the product, responding to the customers, meeting the deadlines, sticking to the plan.  

A futures vision that is truly worthy must start with the influencing and developing of people.  That is called leadership.  And its manifestation is much more akin to the work of a pastor than that of an evangelist.  It's the day-in, day-out, persistent and consistent cultivating of the relationships that ultimately move us toward the vision.  And that is very messy, very slow, but very worthy work.

Imperfect progress is good progress.  Stay the course.

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