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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Why do we enlist the aid of the iconic handyman?

Usually, it is because he has:
  • the unique know-how to fix something (which we don’t),
  •  the tools to fix something (which we don’t),
  •  the time to fix something (which we don’t), or
  •  the willingness to fix something (which we don’t). 

 In all respects, our need for the handyman is to solve a problem, provide a solution, to keep our lives/work running smoothly.  

As leaders, others often enlist our help for the same reasons.  (Look at list again now). 

We do our organizations (and families and teams) a much greater service when we teach/coach/develop them to become the “fixer uppers” of their problems rather than taking on that task ourselves.  

Building the capacity of those within our circle of influence is a fundamental responsibility of leaders (parents, teachers, coaches, mentors).  It is a fruitful combination of development and empowerment.

It takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes patience.  It’s a little messy.  It’s worth it.

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