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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As we stand on the threshold of significant events we often experience the feeling of "butterflies" in our stomachs and minds. I remember getting that feeling as a high school athlete just before kickoff or tip off.  

That feeling represents an excitement, an anticipation of the upcoming event.  Hours of preparation, conditioning, strategy development, and practice culminate to generate a heightened mental, physical, and emotional state.  In effect, we become hyper-focused and are enveloped in a state of hyper-awareness.  The opportunity to "show our stuff" triggers that crescendo of energy within us.

School is about to begin for another year.  In the school district where I work, today is the day the professionals return to launch the school year, beginning with a couple of weeks of adult learning and preparation.  

Developing children.  What a blessed and honorable vocation. I'm thankful for the opportunity to give our best effort (to "show our stuff") in the interest of giving our students the very best chance of a full, successful, and happy life. 

I'm feeling those butterflies... 


  1. What a blessing you are, Nelson Coulter. Guthrie CSD is humbled to have such a wonderful, brilliant, caring, LEADER. Thank you and let the games begin!


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