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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Balm for the Blah Stuff

An unfortunate reality of surviving in organizations is that some of the work is simply not very much fun (some of it rather unpleasant, in fact).  

One strategy that serves to mediate these unpleasant but important tasks is to bookend them with tasks that are just the opposite – things that energize and enthuse us.  In Be Excellent at Anything (2010, Schwartz, Gomes, & McCarthy) we are encouraged to use another strategy to enhance our performance:  engage in frequent “resets” during the course of a workday (and life), whether it be in work tasks, exercise, emotional rebalancing, or personal growth. 

The combination of these two survival skills - bookending not-so-pleasant tasks with more energizing ones, and engaging in frequent “resets” - can have a powerful and positive impact on our performance, our psyche, and our effectiveness.

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