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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


The best leaders I know understand that neither they, nor the organizations they lead, live in a vacuum.  They know well that we are all situated within the milieu of interconnected humanity.

Thus, those astute leaders study and network beyond their bailiwick. Most of them consume content and make connections voraciously, both within their professional genre and beyond.

For example, those versatile leaders might explore content along the following lines:

  • Manufacturing - to understand better how to identify and mitigate bottlenecks in production.
  • Faith-based - to understand better the search for meaning, for themselves and for pursuing worthy organizational goals.
  • Psychology - to understand better how and why humans act, react, and interact the way they do.
  • Marketing - to understand better how to reach target audiences with the goods and services they produce.
  • Science - to understand better how the most current research informs practice.
  • Health - to understand better how movement, peace, hydration, and nutrition (in both their literal and figurative forms) impact performance and longevity.
You get the idea. Those truly wise leaders understand that they can never understand enough, and that they most certainly cannot understand enough if their learning focus is narrow.

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