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Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Epiphanies are quite rare.  Cathartic experiences are quite rare.  "Damascus road" type events are quite rare.

Tackling sticky problems (whether as individuals in our personal lives or as teams dealing with organizational conundrums) is almost always best addressed using a simple recipe:
1) Admit there is a problem.
2) Define the problem as simply and clearly as possible.
3) Pick one (or two) action steps you believe will begin to affect improvement.
4) TAKE THE STEPS, by embedding them into our day-to-day business (habitize them!).
5) Review the impact of those changes on a regular basis.
6) Modify and adjust as needed.

Waiting for an epiphany, or a cathartic experience, or for some existential transformational solution.................rarely yields the outcomes we seek.

If the problem is OURS, then so likely is the solution.

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