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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


The good old days are just that - OLD!

Pining for happier, more peaceful, times is a lovely delusion, but the clock stops for no one (arguably, not even for the dead). 

The people and organizations I admire the most are the forward-looking ones. They're the ones who only spend enough time looking backward to do two things:
1. Honor past accomplishments, heroes, and relationships.
2. Learn needful lessons from former fails and evil doers.

Time overspent on those two activities is wasted time. Why? Because today's future-oriented folks are busy creating today's accomplishments, heroes, and relationships. And, they're busy mitigating the prospects for today's underperformance and dastardly actors. 

We are, in many and even most ways, writing our own history, on both personal and collective levels. 

We can most assuredly do better (but not by spending an inordinate amount of time looking backward).

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