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Saturday, October 19, 2019


Storms come through our lives. There's no getting around it. 

Just like the weather version of storms, we have no control of when life's storms will come our way, how long they will pelt us, or the amount of damage they inflict.

What we do control, however, is two things in relation to the storms of life:

1) our Preparedness. Paying attention to the warning signs, learning from our own and the experiences of others who have survived similar storms, and thoughtfully prepping for the eventualities requires some attention on our part, and a modicum disciplined practice (both thought practice and physical practice).

2) our Response. Bolstering ourselves physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually after the storm and moving forward immediately is the best and surest path to recovery. Almost always, this is done in concert with loved and valued others. Move on, together, one step in front of the other. 

While charading as an athletic coach decades ago, I recall often telling my players before a game that we could expect bad things to occur. Bad things - storms - would happen to both teams. That the victor would most likely be the one who handled the adversities with the most skill. And, that adversity is a much more accurate revealer of one's character than is prosperity.

True words when I spoke them to those young men and young women in my charge back then.

True still.

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