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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


There was a time when three-, five-, or even 10- year strategic plans were acceptable, perhaps even prudent.  No more.

Adaptiveness has always been a powerful attribute.  Evolutionary cycles in nature are case in point.  While the process of growing opposable thumbs or wings took thousands and thousands of years, even nature is proving to move with remarkable nimbleness these days:  observe the speed with which weeds "learn" to beat herbicides or bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics.

With the advent of pervasive interconnectedness, massively accessible data, powerful computational capabilities, and the ability to immediately access the sum of all human knowledge, organizational adaptability is not simply a nice strategic embellishment, it is an absolute requirement.  Think not?  Ask Polaroid or Blockbuster or makers of paging devices or K-Mart or the music industry or cable TV or...

The world has always been changing.  Now it changes at warp speed.  The consequent "death" of the non-adaptive (either in the literal or figurative versions) also occurs far faster as result.

Only the adaptable survive.  Nimbleness pays great dividends.  

The catalyst for adaptability?  LEARNING!  

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