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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Ever seen a leader (or leaders) hide behind the complexity cloud?  They pontificate endlessly in multi-syllable words about the difficulty of dealing with complex problems.  At the end of such soliloquies, they shrug their shoulders and shuffle off, as if they've either A) told us something we don't know, or B) made some headway in addressing the problem.

Off course BIG problems are complex, and challenging, and solution resistant.  They're sticky, tricky, and messy.  That's one of the main reasons we need strong leaders in the first place.

The best and wisest leaders I know don't hide behind the complexity cloud.  They roll up their sleeves, they enlist a strong team of diverse thinkers, they lead the difficult conversations necessary to cultivate consensus, they move us toward sensible and deployable solutions, they pull rather than push.

Those same strong leaders DON'T use the cloud of complexity as an excuse to do nothing.

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