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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Resources get spent.  Time, money, manpower, effort, energy are resources we all possess, in some measure.  When we squander them, they're forever lost, gone, irretrievable.  

One of my mentors insists that we can tell what's important to someone by watching two things:  

  1. How they spend their time.
  2. How they spend their money. 
I think a third observable expenditure is equally telling:  
      3. How they spend their effort.

That revealing list of standards exposes our life priorities.

Two critical questions follow:

  • Have we carefully assessed what is truly important enough to spend our finite resources on?
  • Have we made the conscious (and difficult) resource allocation decisions toward that we have deemed important?
If we've not spent well, it's time for reassessment and/or changes in resource allocation.

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