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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


We all know people, often leaders, who are Shutters.  They shut down conversations.  They shut down possibilities.  They shut down people.

How?  By talking over or down to others.  By refusing to consider alternatives other than their own solutions and pathway prescriptions.  By dismissively defining (more often, pre-defining) the value, motives, and prospects of others.  

Opposite of the Shutters are the Openers.  What are some of the strategic and wholesome moves of the Openers?

  • They purposefully listen before, and more than, they talk.
  • They suspend their presuppositions and assumptions, especially when the problems or contexts are complex.
  • They fully consider the contributions of others, no matter their title, their degree(s), their social status.
  • They always consider the possibility that they, themselves, could be wrong - the ultimate mindset for realizing equitable potentialities.
Openers for me, please.

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