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Thursday, July 6, 2017


Spending time, effort, money, and energy fixing the same problems again and again is...well...crazy.  When we face recurrent problems it's time to take a closer look - at the triggers of the problem, at the practices that sustain the problem, at the systems we created (either personally or organizationally) that should've interdicted the problem.

Some examples of problem recurrence?
  • The cattle keep getting out.
  • Inventory repeatedly misaligns with supply needs.
  • The students keep failing the same subject.
  • We can't keep our weight under control.
  • Meetings seem perpetually unproductive.
Dealing with the ad hoc catastrophic - hurricanes, stock market crashes, sudden outbreaks of war - will always be mostly a reactive process.  We repair that airplane while we're flying it, so to speak.

However, those pesky redundant problems, the recurring heartburn causers, are almost always the result of our failure to address the habits (either as individuals or organizations) that cause, or allow for, their perpetuation.

Habits matter.  

An honest assessment is always the precursor to an effective solution.  

Mirror, please.

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