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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Looked up from my work on the ranch the other day and saw Moe (my lovely bride of 40 years) using an A-frame leveling tool in her garden (see pic below).  She uses that tool to lay out her garden beds on contour, in order to reduce erosion and slow-spread-sink (I've written about that here) the life-giving medium of rainwater. 

Certain things cause erosion, both in nature and in us humans.  In nature, it's too much wind, too much rain, too much heat (and combinations thereof) that cause erosion.  In humans, it's too much busyness, too much stress, too much "stuff."  At the end of the day, too much speed and too much intensity wears us (and nature) down, cutting deep ruts, fragmenting our foundations, compromising our integrity (whether cognitive or physical or emotional/spiritual).

In nature, slowing-spreading-sinking the life-giving medium of rainwater provides the best chance of achieving symbiotic harmony and abundance - call it "balance."  The same holds true for us (as individuals and as organizations):  Symbiotic harmony, abundance, peace are the result of our deliberate slowing-spreading-sinking of the "life-giving medium."  

But first, we've gotta know what that "life-giving medium" is...  Balance depends on.

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