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Thursday, May 4, 2017


You know how some people can just make you feel better for being in their presence?  What a gift!  I'm been watching folks like that for awhile, in effort to glean their secret(s).  

What they DON'T do is ridicule, diminish, critique, manipulate, evade, engage in bogus flattery, or appear secretive.

On the contrary, they...

  • Speak clearly and precisely, avoiding a bunch of gobblydygook.
  • Engage others fully, even when the interaction must be brief.
  • Express genuine interest in others (and remember quite a bit about the other from engagement to engagement).
  • Practice transparency and openness in the extreme.
I repeatedly walk away from engagements with these kinds of folks feeling better, affirmed, appreciated, calmed, blessed - as if the beneficiary of a having had a healing balm applied.  Nice skills set, huh?  

Think I'll try to add more folks like that to my tribe...

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