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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We all have gaps.  Sometimes we're very aware of the gaps.  Sometimes we're completely blinded to them.  Sometimes those gaps are as tiny as the snyaptic sliver between the neurons in our brains.  Other times the gaps are as humongous as the Grand Canyon.

Whatever the nature or size of our gaps, they're still gaps.  They separate us from our complete fulfillment.  Awareness of our gaps is only the first step toward realizing our best selves.  Being all we can be requires a bit more.

Many of the folks I admire most model gap diminishment by:

  1. Assessing their gaps in relation to the Eternal Wisdoms, those foundational principles that are at once so common between individuals and civilizations, yet unique to each in language and/or expression.
  2. Determining which of those gaps are most impeding their own personal completeness.
  3. Developing a plan to purposefully close said gaps in a disciplined way - via meditation or new learning or prayer or research or acts of service or increased reading or new career path...  or some combination thereof.    

Yes, we all have gaps.  We'll likely still have some gaps even as our pallbearers carry us to our graves.  

Yet, some folks seem to move steadily from their current to fullest selves by closing gaps, effectively and relentlessly.  LEARNING required.  Sign me up. 

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