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Saturday, May 20, 2017


We're all familiar with the impact of adrenaline.  It's the stuff (hormone) of Intelligent Design that kicks our bodies/mind/senses into high gear when we're under conditions of threat or stress.  

Our bodies have that built-in mechanism to enhance our performance (and chances of survival) when faced with the "fight or flight" scenario.  We were NOT designed to be in a perpetual mode of heightened adrenaline status.  In fact, interesting research has been done indicating the deleterious effects of persistent presence of high levels of adrenaline - the stuff designed to save us can actually have the opposite effect.  

(Where's nc going with this?)  Peak performance, whether as individuals OR as organizations, often occurs during those periods of enhanced infusion of adrenaline.  However, building into our lives (as individuals AND organizations) the habits of restoration - rest, prayer, renewal, new learning, exercise, peace, detoxification - are absolutely necessary, not only for our survival, but for our continued effectiveness.

We are wise to understand that the adrenaline rush ALWAYS subsides.  It's how we prepare our minds/bodies/spirits in the interim moments that matters the most.  It's our nutritional habits (in both the literal and figurative forms).  

How we feed ourselves truly matters, A LOT.

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