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Monday, October 17, 2016


Moe (my lovely bride of 39 years) and I have become students of an ontological approach called "permaculture."  In short, it's a way of living and interacting based on three foundational principles:  1) Care of people, 2) Care of the Earth, and 3) Return of surplus.

One of the fundamentals of permaculture thinking is the management of water, the medium that makes life and the exchange of life supporting nutrients possible.  Managing water is centered on a triadic strategy of slowing water flow down, spreading it over a wide surface area, and sinking it slowly into the ground.  The effect is a rehydration of soil, which promotes the energetic propagation of a diverse and robust ecosystem.  Health and abundance follow.

In thinking about organizations, it seems to me the same principle of slowing, spreading, and sinking of the fundamental life-sustaining medium works in this realm as well.  What would that life-sustaining medium be in an organization, you ask?  I believe it to be LEARNING (both individual and collective).  Health and abundance will follow.

Something to think about.

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