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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Whining is the act of bellyaching about something (everything?) without investing oneself in the process of making it (whatever it is) better.  "Sick" organizations are full of whiners, their toxic behavior never checked.  "Healthy" organizations also have whiners, but the culture of the organization marginalizes them.  It's sort of like our physical bodies always having present some dangerous bacteria/viruses in or on them, but, if the body is healthy those dastardly creatures are kept at bay.

So, what do organizations that are "whine vaccinated" look/feel/smell like?

  • Their culture is built around EVERYONE owning the problems perceived, and EVERYONE being responsible for trying to improve upon them (not just report them).
  • Venting is allowed, but should always be declared as such, and accompanied by possible solutions. 
  • They constantly build into their thinking an IMPORTANT VS URGENT barometer where the important always trumps the urgent (unless safety is involved).
  • They live, breathe, and act upon the belief that perfection is not the goal, getting better, everyday, on purpose, IS.
  • They systemically notice and acknowledge and celebrate efforts at getting better - no matter how small.
Organizations are defined as anything from a single family to a small business to a multinational corporation.  We're all part of several, and each one lies somewhere on that sick-to-healthy continuum.  

Whiners make sick organizations sicker; healthy organizations make whiners scarcer.  

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