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Thursday, March 24, 2016


We all know people who major in the minors.  They critique, dissect, cajole, nitpick anything and everything.  We also know those people as persistent pains and energy drains.  It's even worse when they're in charge.

None of us want to be known as one of those persnickety types (not even those who are the persnickety types want to be known as such).  

So, when is the right time for fastidiousness?

We should notice, acknowledge, and address issues under the following circumstances:

  • When mistakes become persistent trends.
  • When the variance in performance impacts our reputation and/or quality.
  • When we clearly have folks in the wrong roles.
  • When the heartburn is being caused by ethical deficits.
  • When those who are responsible are ducking the responsibility.
  • When a team member is unable and/or unwilling to get better.
We should be persnickety only when it really counts (and leave the small stuff alone).  If we're persnickety about everything and everybody, it'll be a long and lonely life. 

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