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Thursday, March 3, 2016


In this TED Talk, Dr. Clayton Christensen notes that we humans, because our minds are finite, have to aggregrate data in order to make some kind of sense of it.  We have to use trends, graphs, spreadsheets, and polls in order to digest and parse the voluminous amount of information with which we are confronted.  Via that process we "keep score" on ourselves, and others.  

Dr. Christensen (at the very end of the video) posits that God, however, has an infinite mind, thus is not subservient to attempts at data aggregation in order to make sense of things.  In effect, Dr. Christensen argues, God sees the whole, and does not need to slice and dice data in order to understand it.  Neither does God have need to score us against one another.  

What then are the implications for us, as we consider the meaning and impact of our lives? Our personal greatness does not and will not depend on salary made, titles achieved, trophies won, businesses started, books sold, elected offices held, widgets shipped, or customers satisfied.  

Rather, our greatness is dependent on only two things:  

  1. How faithfully we have adhered to God's plan for our lives.
  2. How well we have loved and served those who were placed within our sphere of influence (whether that number be one or one billion).  
All else is inconsequential. 

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