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Monday, March 28, 2016


Information flows, whether we want it to or not.  Always has, always will.  Even the most oppressive and restrictive governments on Earth know, without doubt, that they cannot control the flow of information.

Information can run through a myriad of conduits:  carrier pigeons, ambassadors, smoke signals, Pony Express riders, telegraph, lanterned night-riders, phones, television, advance scouts, telepathy, social media - the list goes on without end.  In today's environment that information flows almost instantly, and it gets ricocheted through other portals without end.

While we can't control what others say/think about us, we can control what we communicate about ourselves.  The only question is, what message(s) do we want to send?  We have the power to frame the opinions and impressions of others, but we must be intentional in the process.  

What signals are we sending?  Are they the ones we want sent?

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