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Monday, September 14, 2015


Moe (my lovely bride of 38 years) and I have had many conversations over the years about the power of being pleasant.  She has a mantra on that topic that I adopted and used as I assessed employees and candidates for employment over the last 20 years as a school administrator.  Here 'tis:

Pleasant is way underrated!

It's one of those things most of us intuitively understand, though we rarely think about it.  We know those members of our families, our churches, our service clubs, and our workplaces who are consistently pleasant. 

They're the ones we really like to be around, the ones who make us feel better for having been in their presence, the ones who make the environment they're in richer by just being there.  We also know which ones don't make us feel that way; they're the ones we dread and avoid if at all possible. 

There's not a pleasantness score or scale or barometer or measurement tool (that I know of), but who needs one.  Like beauty, we know it when we see it (but have a darned difficult time trying to define/measure it).

And, being pleasant requires no special skills, no degrees, no credentials, no titles.  Any of us can be pleasant.  Any of us can make being pleasant a habit.  No cost involved.  It's simply a choice.

Now it's time for that mirror...

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