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Saturday, September 26, 2015


Are we being effective as leaders?  Good question.  

Here are some questions to discern our effectiveness in leading:

  • Have we made the mission crystal clear?
  • Do followers feel that pursuit is noble and worthy?
  • Are team members given the autonomy to optimize their talents/gifts in pursuit of the mission?
  • Do the folks we engage with everyday feel empowered by having interacted with us?
  • Do followers hear specific recognition/praise/affirmation from us regularly? 
  • Would others describe us a powerful listeners?
  • Is there a culture of caring in our organization?
  • Have we provided the resources folks need to pursue the mission?
Since those are all yes/no questions, it's not hard to "score" ourselves in leadership effectiveness.

Regardless of today's score, we can improve it by tomorrow.

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