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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Pretending is something we all do at one time or another.  

Sometimes we pretend in order to be someone/something we're not.  
Sometimes we pretend just to get through a difficult time.  
Sometimes we pretend in order to fool others.  
Sometimes we pretend in order to fool ourselves.  
Sometimes we pretend in order to escape from reality (even if briefly).

One way or the other, pretending amounts to suspending our authenticity, our real selves.

For amusement or entertainment, perhaps pretending is an acceptable diversion.

However, if we find ourselves pretending all the time, just to survive, it's time to take a careful assessment of the "why."

Our fullest lives, our optimum health, our maximum happiness, our peak performance flows from being authentically ourselves.  It springs from a tight alignment between our aspirations/dreams and our beliefs/enactments. 

If we are 
pretending to be engaged in our work, 
pretending in our relationships, 
pretending in our commitments, 
pretending to be happy, 
it's time for a reality check.  

And, a change in behavior.

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