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Monday, September 14, 2015


Wanna learn something that you didn't already know, or know how to do?

Here are several proven paths to getting you there:

  • READ about it.  Books, articles, blogs, and posts.  Take your pick.  (The internet only contains the sum of all human knowledge to date; what you want to learn is there somewhere - usually in many versions.)
  • Find someone who has the knowledge/skill you desire and watch them or listen to them.  Experienced others are a gold mine, and most are more than willing to share.
  • Teach someone else what you've learned about the topic so far.  No worry if you don't know it all already.  You'll never know it all.  Teachers know that teachers learn more about subjects as a result of teaching it.  Share your learning somehow.
  • Try it!  Make a run at it.  Failing and boo-booing is the fertile ground of new growth.
  • Find a partner to learn with, then share in the learning journey with vigor.
Carpe diem!  Go for it!  Git-r-done!

When we stop learning, we start dying.  

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