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Friday, July 24, 2015


Trust and Attention are not the same thing, but they have a symbiotic relationship.

Attention can lead to Trust, but more often Trust leads to Attention.

From a leadership perspective, Trust is the precursor to followership.  Others only follow us (or our ideas or our thinking) when they have developed some trust in us.  

That Trust flows as a direct conclusion on the part of others that 
we are what we say we are, 
we do what we say we'll do, 
we believe what we say we believe, and 
we act in consistent alignment with our articulations. 

Then and only then will others afford us their regular and sustained Attention.  

Both Trust and Attention evaporate when we take them for granted, OR when we leverage them for inconsequential or self-serving purposes.  

And they should.

Both Trust and Attention must be viewed and cherished by us as treasures of great value, 
for that they are.

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