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Friday, July 17, 2015


There seem to be some fundamental differences between solutions and answers.

Answers imply that...
  • the knowledge already exists.
  • others have already figured it out.
  • this problem is identical to many others.
  • there is at least someone who has already found the combination.
  • they can be found in a book (or on the internet).

Solutions imply that...
  • crafting is required.
  • previous solutions can help, but only tangentially.
  • this problem is unique and nuanced.
  • leveraging knowledge/skills from outside the field might be helpful.
  • synthesis, innovation, and collaboration are required.
Answers are handy to have, but they're haveable.  Solutions are elusive and ghostlike.

Having answers gives us closure.  Seeking solutions gives us purpose.

Answers can be begged, borrowed, or stolen.  Solutions are creations.

Answers represent learning in the past tense, solutions require continued learning.

Aha!  LEARN forward!

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