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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


"It didn't go as I wanted."  
"I seem to be stuck."  
"The plan is falling apart."  
"They're not willing to commit."

Those statements, and their many cousins, are indicative of a common psychological state - one in which we feel alone (or abandoned) in our quest.

Our reaction to being stuck should be one of introspection and reflection.  What role are we playing in the stuckness.  

Some good questions to begin with...
> Am I really on the right track?
> Have I invited (rather than pushed or drug) others in this journey?
> Is serving others a fundamental component of this project/process?
> What am I doing, or not doing, that's causing this stuckness?
> Are the goals I/we have set reasonable and attainable?
> Is this thing really worth doing?

When stuck, we ought first to look in the mirror, and ask hard questions about our own culpability.

Starting HERE (with ourselves) is always the best first step.

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