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Friday, February 27, 2015


Well fed, but malnourished.  That pretty much described me, up until about two years ago.

Here's what I believed for about 30 years:

  • If food or food-like substances were sold at the grocery store they must be healthy, or at least, not harmful.
  • If I exercised enough, I could eat anything I wanted to; the exercise would offset the bad diet.
  • "Low-fat" was the healthiest way to eat.
  • Grains were good for me, whole grains even better.
  • Sugar was OK, especially if I ate it absent from fats.
  • Fats were to be avoided, at all costs; fats eaten would turn into body fat.
Turns out I was wrong on every one of those points.  Not only wrong, but 180 degrees wrong.  I swallowed, hook-line-and-sinker, what the food marketers were telling/selling me.

I was extremely well fed, but absolutely on a death spiral of malnourishment.

Once I abandoned and began eating exactly opposite of those faulty beliefs, and treating food as medicine, my body began to manifest the effects of wholesome nourishment.

And, I'm still well fed.  Better, actually.

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