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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Some of the most gratifying work I do is to prepare the next generation of school leaders for the worthy and challenging work of the principalship.  Serving as mentor and professor to a fair number of school leaders, I not only get to share with them what I have learned (both good and bad) in the dispatch of that work, but I also get to learn a lot FROM them.

I spent the whole day yesterday participating in the University of Texas at Austin Principalship Program Assessment Center.  Each February we put 20-30 aspiring school leaders through a rigorous set of tasks designed to discern if they have the potential and dispositions needed to serve as school principals in the 21st century, with all its complexity and ambiguity.

Through that process yesterday, I was able to work with about 50 of the finest educators in the state of Texas (about 20 of them former students of mine in the UT Austin Principalship Program, 6-8 of them colleagues of mine at UT Austin, and the rest being current principals, superintendents, and school administrators in Texas schools).  It was humbling to work among such an elite group of educators.

While the day was full of work and difficult decisions, it was also one of powerful resonance as we assessed and interacted with the next generation of school leaders.  What a great group of professionals to serve with in that process!  What a great crop of candidates who are itching to serve in the principalship, intent on ensuring the very brightest future for Texas.

The UT Austin mantra is this:  What starts here changes the world.

Indeed!  Feeling quite blessed to play a part in that process.

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