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Sunday, March 1, 2015


You may or may not believe in hell.  This post is not intended to trigger an existential debate.  Believer or not, you probably have a good idea of what the word "hell" means conceptually.

Hell is suggests a state of eternal discomfort, endless pain, infinite sorrow and unhappiness.  Add to that the spiritual implication of perpetual separation from the God of your understanding.

BUT WAIT!  You may know some folks who seem to reside in hell while still living here on Earth. 

Here are some of the indications that lead me to believe they simply prefer to live in hell:

  • They live in (or create) a perpetual storm, for themselves and others.
  • They refuse to be happy, with anything or anyone.
  • They believe the universe is conspiring against them.
  • They feel that they never get their "fair share," as if it is somehow deserved.
  • They display consistent meanness and extend only conditional kindness.
  • The neighborhood of hell's occupants is not one most of us want to live in.
While the verdict on my eternal dwelling place is probably still out, I think I'll spend what time I have remaining on "this side" NOT living in hell.  

It's a choice, you know.

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