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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Service to others is the most powerful gift we can give.

Service is rendered in many forms:

  • Teaching others what we have learned.
  • Helping others accomplish worthy goals.
  • Sharing our God-given talent(s) often and in many ways.
  • Developing others to their fullness.
  • Trusting others.
  • Connecting others to enlarge their network.
  • Affording others opportunities to grow.
  • Ministering to others who have suffered or are in need.
  • Listening, without judgment.
  • Forgiving, as needed.
  • Loving, unconditionally.
Once we are the beneficiaries of such service, we are then compelled to both reciprocate and radiate the same, within our circle of influence.

The size of that circle of influence is immaterial.  The enactment of that service is immensely consequential.

To serve in that manner is to approach life in its fullness.  To withhold service is the fountainhead of decay.

As always, we get to choose.

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