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Monday, February 9, 2015


There was a time when...
  • Three television networks owned the airwaves.
  • Aspiring musicians had get "discovered" and promoted.
  • Print media controlled the news.
  • A few publishers decided what got read, and who would write it.
  • Select universities cornered the "talent" market.
  • Your product had to be vetted and blessed by some cadre of "experts."
  • You couldn't access the world's marketplace or attention without someone else's permission.
  • To be successful, you almost had to have connections. 
No more.

Now we can find whatever it is we're looking for.  We can learn from whomever we want.  We can learn whatever we want.  We can produce, write, play, build, and share whatever we decide to.  We can do all those things without asking anyone's permission.

It is now a VERY FLAT WORLD.  Gone are all those gatekeepers and barriers.  Gone also is the safety of excuse making.  No one can hold you back.........but you.

Whatcha wanna be?  Whatcha wanna do?  Whatcha waiting for?

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