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Friday, July 11, 2014


It was a good day of learning for this old codger.

The lead learners at Education Service Center (ESC) Region 19 in El Paso, Texas, (Barbara Amaya, Wes Temple, and Armando Aguirre) invited me to join them for a day of learning during their "Culture, Caring, and the Classroom 6th Annual Conference."

Today was dedicated to the personal and professional learning of school leaders in the school districts serviced by ESC 19, in the far western regions of Texas. 

Topics around which we shared and sharpened our thinking today included:

  • Educating our children in holistic fashion, not just in the academic disciplines.  Working in an intentional fashion to prepare them for lives of happiness, productivity, service, and fulfillment.
  • Taking communal responsibility for OUR own children, and bucking the decades-old paradigm of letting bureaucrats in far away capitals determine what is best for them.
  • Working with stakeholders in our respective communities to develop a locally- and organically-derived profile for our students as learners, on which schools can center their efforts and resources.
  • Strategies to open and continue the dialogues necessary among and between school stakeholders in the important work of creating and deploying a school vision.
  • Possibilities school leaders can leverage to increase their personal "fitness for service" in the three critical domains of our servantship: intellectual, emotional/spiritual, and physical wellness. 
Lots on brain pinging today.  Mine is still hurting.

A very good day of learning.

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