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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I heard John Couch, Vice-President of Education for Apple, make an interesting comment about the changing nature of the way we learn and communicate in today’s digital environment.  He talked about how the digital network and free access to information has created a completely different mindset among the children who have simply grown up in this environment.  They are accustomed to anywhere, anytime, anything learning accessibility.

I remember when the primary information distribution channel when I was growing up was the refrigerator door.  That sacred place served as what we now call our “wall.”  
It contained our passions (artwork we created and gifted), 
our memories (photos taken with Polaroid cameras),  
our celebrations (report cards and thank you notes), 
our reminders (to do lists), and 
our directives (my mom would write pithy better-get-this-done-or-else messages when the slothfulness of my brothers strained against the limits of her tolerance - can't really remember any of those notes directed at ME).

I'm not sure what the next iteration of the "fridgerator door" will look and feel like, but I'm betting money it will be faster, more interactive, easier to manipulate, and will further press the outer limits of the things we can know and do.  Maybe Google glasses for all, maybe nanobots that float in our blood stream and communicate directly with our brain, perhaps virtual personal assistants that "ride" on our shoulders and whisper in our ears, or possibly search engines that respond to our very thoughts (rather than our clicks).

Should be a fun ride and a great learning experience.  I'm ready...

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