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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Policies/procedures/protocols are most often established to accomplish two things: 
1) homogeneity
2) screw-up avoidance.

On the surface of it, both a measure of consistency and a healthy dose of disaster aversion seem to be worthy goals.

However, since both of those things are inhibitors to learning, organizations that sell out to that prescription find themselves in a conundrum.  The organizational result of such bent is stale, energy-less, and unfulfilling work places.  

Organizations populated by scared, constrained, and fearful members tend not to attract business or talent.  They’re the kind of places in which breakthroughs rarely surface.

It may sound nice to have everyone 
acting alike, 
dressed alike, 
thinking alike, 
marching in step, 
dutifully checking off boxes, 
and never deviating from protocol, 
but it doesn't do much for the bottom line or creativity or synergy or...................success.

A conundrum? 

Nope, a choice is there for the making.

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