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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Consider the richest and most vibrant environments of our world or universe – tropical rain forests, the oceans, the African Serengeti ecosystem, emerging galaxies…  

In each we find vast amounts of diversity.  That diversity may be in the form of an abundance of microbial life, huge volumes of plant life, amazing and complex webs of animal life, or a tremendous interplay of physical/chemical interactions.  It might even be a combination of two or more of those phenomena.

Likewise, the richest intellectual, physical, and spiritual human environments consist of tremendous diversity.  

The world in which we live is an overwhelming mish-mash of difference (i.e., uniqueness, diversity).  Pretending that we can better ourselves or our organizations by serving all those “others” in a one-size-fits-all, homogenous way necessarily means that we have excluded (discriminated against?) a far greater number than we include.  Succumbing to the dogma of homogeneity makes us "less" instead of "more," both personally and organizationally.   

Consider what this assertion means to you, your life, your work, in this amazing diverse-iverse in which we exist.

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