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Thursday, December 26, 2013


One of my favorite writers about and modelers of the craft of teaching for the last 20 years has been Dr. Louis Schmier, professor at Valdosta State University.  A couple of years ago he created the "Teacher's Oath," which captures saliently so much of how I feel about teaching and what I aspire to be, as a teacher.  Enjoy.
Teacher's Oath by Louis Schmier
I swear by Athena, Goddess of Learning, M├ętis, Goddess of Wisdom and Thought, St. Gregory the Great, Patron Saint of Teachers, and St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron Saint of Students, and all the wise rabbis of the Talmud I will fulfill this oath and covenant:  
I will give a damn about each person in the class!  I will care! I will support! I will encourage! I won’t just mouth it, I will live it!  Each day, unconditionally!                       
I will teach to nurture, not to weed out.  I will greet and embrace and accept each student.  I will not greet anyone with the expectation that he or she will fail.  I will not treat anyone as dumb and unwanted.  I will treat everyone as capable and belonging here.  I will greet each person knowing she or he has a unique potential to be cultivated.  I will greet each person knowing that she or he can learn, achieve, and succeed.  I will have faith in, belief in, hope for, and love of each person.   Each day, unconditionally!                        
I will treat each class as a “gathering of sacred ones,” of diverse, individual, noble, and very special human beings.  I will treat each person with equal dignity and unqualified respect. I will not let anyone go unnoticed; I will not allow anyone’s face to get erased; 
I will not let anyone go nameless; I will not place anyone in the background; I will not place anyone in the shadows of the corners;  I will not shun; I will not ignore; I will not belittle; I will not demean.  Everyone will start with a clean slate; I will not judge anyone by the ring in her belly button or the tattoo on his arm or the clothes she wears or the whispers of other people or a GPA or the accent of their speech or the color of their his or her ethnicity or his religion or her gender or his sexual preference or whatever else;                       
I will never be negative.  I will be upbeat, offering nothing less than praise and/or positive, constructive critique. I will focus on each student and her or his learning, and worry about my teaching later. 
I will be there to help each student help herself or himself  become the person she or he is capable of becoming.
 And, nothing will mean a thing if I don’t help each student help herself or himself become a better person and live the good life.                       
I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honor.  And if I keep this oath faithfully each day, may I enjoy a life   overflowing with fulfillment, meaning, purpose, accomplishment, and satisfaction, respected by all in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my lot.


  1. Bravo! Because of all of the above beliefs, I had to retire from teaching! What?
    Yes, because of C-Scope all of the caring and love for each student was thrown out the window! It just could not be done on THEIR plan.! C-Scope told me I had to become a robot! I could not do the above because in was not in THEIR plan for that day. I have been silent for 3 years, but reading your blog may me want to speak.
    Yes, this is my opinion. Thank you for letting me speak.

    1. I read my reply and see that I need to preview my words and spelling before I click Publish. Whoops! C-Scope would have been on top of that mistake!

    2. Speak as you wish. CSCOPE is, in my opinion, a great tool. What happened to CSCOPE is that it got "perversified" by some administrators who subscribe to the belief that there is such as thing as teacher-proof curriculum. There isn't, never has been, never will be. NOTHING can replace the kind of teacher Dr. Schmier describes in Teacher's Oath. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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