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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Engagement is an interesting concept.  It implies a number of things:


In my chosen profession of education we talk a lot about student engagement.  Phil Schlechty articulates an insightful framework of the levels of engagement regarding students as it relates to the teaching-learning process. 

Replace the word “student” in the graphic above with the word “person.”

If we think about it in non-age-specific terms, then we have little trouble finding evidence that the same levels of engagement can and do occur with learners of all ages, whether in school, in the workplace, or in the home.

Now, for one more thought regarding engagement:  Engagement appears to have a reciprocating effect.  If we want higher levels of engagement from those we work/live with or from our students, then it requires higher levels of engagement from us. 

In effect, we must exhibit high levels of authentic engagement if that is what we want in return. 

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