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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Here we are standing astraddle of two years again.  Being on that threshold always prompts both 

With that dichotomy in mind, reflection on some of the timeless things I value is in order as we close the door on 2013:
  • The deep sleep I experience while holding a napping grandchild to my chest
  • The swell of pride in seeing students/colleagues experience success
  • The feel of the sun on my shoulders (maybe not so much in August)
  • Hand tools that simply won’t wear out
  • The warmth of my family's love
  • The Comanche moon
  • Faith in a Creator who cares
  • The touch of Moe's hand in mine
  • Animals and ground I “own” providing the food we need
  • Work skills learned as a youngster, that serve me well still
  • Ghosts of mentors past who make their “presence” felt from time to time

It is the steadfastness and dependability of these foundational things that anchor me.

They also make the projection part worthwhile.

Happy New Year!

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