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Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Birthdays are merely anniversaries of our arrival on this planet. That day may have been much-anticipated and dearly longed for. Maybe not. It might have gone just as expected and without complication. But then, perhaps not. It might have occurred with much fanfare and brouhaha. Or not.

Whatever the circumstances, that day launched an inevitable turning of the clock. And with it, some constant changes (yes, that seems a contradiction). Don't believe it? Look at pictures of yourself over the years.

We have no control of the birthday clock. We do, however, have tremendous control over our GrowthDay clock. We can choose on this day, and every day, to get better and learn more. On purpose.

There's recipe for making today a GrowthDay:

  • Choosing - choosing to grow and learn gives the process meaning and order.
  • Reflecting - taking glances in the rearview mirror helps us make sense of where we've been, what went right/wrong along the way, and what next needs our attention.
  • Pressing - consequential growth does not occur when we're "in neutral" or comfortable.
  • Inquiring - asking Why? or How? or What if? or Could we? triggers the antecedent to learning-growth which is.................curiosity. 
Atrophy happens. It happens more and faster when we let it.

Happy GrowthDay! (Today, and every day.)

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